Aug. 2013 OHSAS 18001 Certificate issued (OHS 600319)
Nov. 2006 Establishing DMC Automotive Pvt. Ltd (in INDIA)
Mar. 2005 ISO 140001 Certificate issued(EMS 611295)
Mar. 2004 ISO/TS 16949 Certificate issued(TS 600317)
Jun. 2003 Ulsan plant of DongAh Industry Co. founded(21-2, Bugok-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan)
Jul. 2002 Establishing Qingdao Dongah Manufacturing Corp. (in CHINA)
Nov. 2000 Selected as the company that participated in Next Generation Vehicle Technology of G7 project
Aug. 1999 Designated as a leading company(by Agency for Technology and Standards under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Mar. 1999 QS 9000 Certificate issued(Korea Foundation for Quality)
Oct. 1997 ISO 9001 Certificate issued (No. B 194-127, Small Business Certification Center)
Dec. 1996 100PPM Quality Certificate issued(No. 1-07-1-133, Small and Medium Business Administration)
Oct. 1996 Technology institute founded
Apr. 1994 Technical corporation of METAL GASKET with JAPAN METAL GASKET Co.
Dec. 1988 Joint venture of RUBBER GASKET with UCHIYAMA, Japan
Feb. 1987 Overseas technical corporation(with NICHIAS CORP, Japan.)
Sep. 1985 Class II, a leader of quality and management(No. 85-615, Industrial Advancement Administration)
May. 1984 Designated as a guidance technology company(No. 85-615, Industrial Advancement Administration)
Mar. 1983 Overseas technology introduced(CYLINDER HEAD GASKET from SANWA PACKING Co. Japan)
Aug. 1981 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET exported (Japan, Australia, and Iran etc.)
Jun. 1981 The best award in the plant landscape competition
May. 1981 Designated as demonstration plant(Industrial Advancement Administration )
Sep. 1979 Overseas technology introduced(CYLINDER HEAD GASKET from UCHIYAMA Company , Japan)
Aug. 1978 Designated as a company manufacturing motor vehicle parts (No. 78-69, Ministry of Industry and Trade)
Nov. 1976 Began to produce gaskets for internal combustion engines
Jun. 1969 DongAh Manufacturing Corp founded